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Monitoring Relays

Omron make a range of DIN-rail mounted measurement and monitoring relays. Operating in one or three phase circuits, the relays can detect a number of fault conditions, including over or under voltage or current. The relays contain a number of high-level features, like dual output relays.

• Remote condition monitoring of criticial equipment: Y236-E1-01
• Measuring and Motor Protection Group Catalogue: X070-E1-01
K3FP Ultra-slim Signal Converter  
K6EL Ground Fault Relay  
• G3PW Single-phase Power Controllers Datasheet: J176-E1-01
• G3PW Single-phase Power Controllers User's Manual: Z280-E1-04
• Control Panel Basics: Y222-E1-01

Motor Monitoring Devices
Smart Power Monitoring
Measuring and Monitoring relays
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Motor Monitoring Devices

Motor Condition Monitoring Device
Motor Protective Relay
Model Types Vibration and temperature, Insulation resistance and Comprehensive current diagnostic Protection for Overcurrent, Open-phase and Reverse-phase
Features • EtherNet/IP port for network connection and PC monitoring
• Clamp style CT's for easy installation
• Large easy-to-read white LCD numbering
• Push-In terminals for easy wiring
• Conforms to UL, CE, RCM and EAC standards
• Overload timing can be instantaneous or inverse
• Settable operating time: 1 to 40S
• Prevents motor reversing without starting it
• Plug-in or flush mounting
• Operates at 100% or 115% of current SV
• Auto or manual reset
Input Current Range 5 to 600A 1 to 160A
Output 3 Transistors SPDT (3A)
Accessories K6CM-VBS1: Vibration and temperature sensor
K6CM-CICB___: Special CTs from 5A to 600A
Current Sensor (Single phase)
Current Sensor (Three phase)
Manuals Datasheet
Startup Guide
Application Guide
K6CM User's Manual
K6PM-TH User's Manual


Smart Power Monitoring

Din-rail (KM-N2) or On-panel (KM-N3) mounting
Multi-circuit Smart Power Monitor
Features • Able to measure up to four circuits in one unit
• Power Monitor applicable around the globe
• Master unit connects up to 4 slaves
• Uses readily-available general-purpose CTs
• Large easy-to-read white LCD lettering
• Push-In terminals for pulse outputs and RS485
• Conforms to UL and CE standards
• DIN-rail mounted, modular system
• Dual measurement, for lighting and power
• Master unit connects up to 4 slaves
• Each slave connects up to 8 circuits
• CT, Temperature/Pulse inputs supported
• CompoWay/F standard, DeviceNet available
Accessories 3 Current transformers (CTs):
KM20 -CTN100/-CN250/-CN500
6 Current transformers and cable:
KM20-CTF series (5 to 600A)
Manuals KM-N2-FLK User's Manual
KM-N3-FLK User's Manual
KE1 Smart Power Measuring Monitor
KE1 DeviceNet Communication Units
Power Sensor
Panel-mounted Power Monitor Meters
Features • DIN-rail mounted unit
• Self-powered, from CT input
• Connectable to single or three phase
• Can use special or third-party CTs
• Pulse output, with settable widths
• Stand-alone or CompoWay/F communications
• Panel mounted, with east-to-see display
• Available in 96x48 or 48x48 face-fronts
• Conversion to monetary cost
• Alarm outputs for various conditions
• Direct connection to 400V, without CT
• CompoWay/F and Modbus-RTU standard
Accessories Current transformer:
KM20-CT050-CE (up to 50A)
6 Current transformers and cable:
KM20-CTF series (5 to 600A)
Manuals   KM50 Communications Manua1
Portable Power / Environmental Monitoring
Sensor Network Controller
Features • Compact, slim, hand-held units
• Powered by batteries or external DC source
• Can be mounted by use of magnets
• LAN connection standard
• SD card for logging data locally
• CompoWay/F communications available
• DIN-rail mounted, central data collector
• Can monitor power usage throughout entire site
• LAN port, with web-server and email client
• Four serial ports, to connect to 4 networks
• SD Card memory port for data logging
• Local I/O for inputs and alarming outputs
Accessories ZN-KMX21-A Station unit and ZN-CTM11 series cables and current transformers (5 to 200A) Software: EasyEW Manager, Logger and Viewer and Dr ECO Energy Analyser
Manuals Smart Monitoring Relays EQ100-E User's Manual
Energy Savings Analysis Software
Features • Software to analyse energy usage
• Connects to directly to EW700 data collector
• Graphically displays to show trends
• Configurable graphs to simplify analysis
• Data can be logged for future referral
• Data Management into single database
Manuals Datasheet  


Measuring and Monitoring Relays

Features • Control panel downsizing and reduced wiring
• Flexible layout with a 17.5-mm width
• Greatly reduced wiring with Push-in Plus Terminals
• Resistant to high frequency noise
• Complies with global power and safety standards
• Models with transistor outputs are available
• Supports Global Power Supply Voltages
• K8AK (22.5mm) and K8DS (17.5mm) series
• All models are DIN-rail mounting
• Eleven models handle all applications
• Single phase models also work with DC input
• Resistant to high frequency noise
• Complies with global power and safety standards
Single-phase Relay Models (17.5mm width, slim-line)
K8DT-AS: Current Relay
K8DT-AW: Overcurrent/Undercurrent Relay
K8DT-VS: Voltage Relay
K8DT-VW: Overvoltage/Undervoltage Relay
(22.5mm width, slim-line)
K8AK-AS: Current Relay
K8AK-AW: Overcurrent/Undercurrent Relay
K8AK-VS: Voltage Relay
K8AK-VW: Overvoltage/Undervoltage Relay
Three-phase Relay Models (22.5mm width, slim-line) - K8AK-PW: Voltage Relay
K8AK-PH: Phase-sequence, Phase-loss Relay
K8AK-PM: Voltage, Phase-sequence Phase-loss Relay
K8AK-PA: Asymmetry Phase-sequence Phase-loss Relay
Three-phase Relay Models (17.5mm width, super-slim) K8DT-PH: Fixed Voltage
K8DT-PM: Overvoltage / Undervoltage relay
K8DT-PZ: Asymmetry Three Phase Overvoltage / Undervoltage relay
K8DS-PH: Phase-sequence, Phase-loss Relay
K8DS-PU: Undervoltage, Phase-sequence, Phase-loss
K8DS-PM: Voltage, Phase-sequence, Phase-loss Relay
K8DS-PA: Asymmetry and Phase-sequence Phase-loss
K8DS-PZ: Voltage, Asymmetry, Phase-sequence/-loss
Other Relay Models (17.5mm width, slim-line)
K8DT-TH: Temperature Monitoring Relay
K8DT-LS: Conductive Level Control Relay
(22.5mm width, slim-line)
K8AK-TH: Temperature Monitoring Relay
K8AK-LS: Conductive Level Control Relay
K8AK-TS/-PT: Thermistor Motor Protection Relay
Manuals Application Guide K8AK / K8DS Datasheet


Other Controllers

Features • Operates with SSR, cyclic and phase control methods
• 3 models cover 0.2 to 200A elements
• Source voltage fluctuation compensator
• High precision unit
• Relay or transistor outputs
• CompoWay/F communications
• Very compact unit
• Low-noise power control, using zero-cross SSRs
• Support 4 or 8 control points
• 100-240V or 400-480V load power supply
• Controls up to 8 SSRs
• CompoWay/F communications standard
Accessories 3 Current transformers:0.2 to 2.2A;
2.0 to 22A or 20 to 200A
2 Current transformers:
5.8 or 12.0mm diameter
Manuals H8AC-H User's Manual: N159-E1-02 G3ZA Operation Manual: Z200-E1-03
Power Controllers Technical Guide
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