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Safety Light Curtains

By providing a wide range of products, OMRON is able to make machines safe. We have solutions for light barriers, safety muting, E-Stop circuits, door interlocking, two-hand-control and much more.

• Safety Component Selection Guide: Y228-E1-01
• Machinery Safety Standards and Application Guide: Y107-E1-04
• Sti Workplace Safety - Omron's Approach: Z908-E1-01

Light Curtains and Safety Sensors

Light Curtains
Light Curtains
Safety category Type 4 Type 4
Features • Fix, floating blanking
• In built muting
• Fix, floating blanking
Detection capability 14, 20, 30, 55mm 14, 40mm
Sensing distance 0.2m to 9m 0.2m to 20m
Available heights 245-2495mm 280-2120mm
User Manuals F3SJ-A P Series (Ver 2)
F3SJ-E /-B P25 Series
F3SJ-E /-B N25 Series
User's Manual
Smart Muting Actuator User's Manual
SD Manager 2 Configuration Tool User's Manual
Light Curtains
Single Beam Safety Sensor
Safety category Type 4 Type 2
Features • Fix, floating blanking • Compact M18 threaded body
• Metal or plastic housing
• Plug-in or precabled
• IP67 enclosure rating
• Conforms to IEC 61496-1, EN 61496-1
Detection capability 14, 40mm -
Sensing distance 0.2m to 20m Up to 10m
Available heights 280-2120mm -
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