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Small Switches

Including Safety Switches, Limit Switches, Micro Switches, Tactile Switches, DIP Switches, Pushbuttons and Opto Switches, Omron designs and manufactures a diverse range of high quality switches for use in a wide range of applications.

• Basic Switches Group Catalogue: X018-E1-08

Small Switches

SS and SSP Series
Dimensions (mm) W 6.4 x H 10.2 x D 19.8 W 10 x H 16 x D 28
Features • Very compact design
• Two split springs ensure stable and reliable operation
• Compact and reliable miniature switch
• Available in a range of operating forces and actuator types
Switch capacity 5A 15A
Contact form SPDT SPDT
Mechanical life (operations) 30,000,000 min. 50,000,000 min.
Actuators • Pin plunger
• Hinge lever
• Simulated roller lever
• Hinge roller lever
• Pin plunger
• Short lever
• Long lever
• Roller lever
General purpose
General purpose
Dimensions (mm) W 17 x H 24 x D 49 W 49 x H 24 x D 17
Features • Precision switch with high repeat accuracy
• Screw terminals for easy installation
• Same shape as Z series, but large current handling
• Range of plungers to suit most purposes
Switch capacity 15A 20A
Contact form SPDT SPDT
Mechanical life (operations) 20,000,000 min. 1,000,000 min.
Actuators • Pin plunger
• Panel mount plunger
• Panel mount roller plunger
• Hinge lever Hinge roller lever
• Pin / Short Spring plunger
• Panel mount plunger/ roller plunger
• Panel mount cross roller plunger
• Short/Standard Hinge lever / Hinge roller lever
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