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OMRON can offer a range of robot solutions for modern manufacturing requirements with low return on investment. The range of robots covers three different styles or robots. Delta robots are high speed, medium payload robots, suitable for use in primary food environments, but also suitable for a range of high speed pick and place applications. SCARA robots are highly suitable for general assembly and secondary packaging applications. 6 axis articulated robots are suitable for general assembly and secondary/tertiary packaging requirements. Whatever your application requires, OMRON can offer the best robot platform.

• Introduction to Industrial Robots: I824-E1-01
• Packaging Line Solutions: Y127-E1-04
• Controllers with integrated robotics: I856-E1-01

Vibratory Feeder
Mobile Robots
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3D or 4D Parallel
3D or 4D Parallel
Workspace 1360mm Dia, x 425mm height 1300mm Dia x 500mm Height
1600mm Dia x 500mm Height
Speed 25/305/25mm sustained Up to 180/min sustained Up to 200/min sustained
Pay load max 3D:3Kg / 4D:8Kg 650H/HS:15Kg, 800H:10Kg
Manuals Quick Setup Guide: I595-E-02
Userís Guide: I596-E-08
Complete Manuals
ePLC Quick Setup Guide: I598-E-01
Userís Guide: I597-E-05
Complete Manuals
6 axis Articulated
Workspace 305mm Radius + 200mm height
600mm Radius x 210mm height
800mm Radius x 210mm height
650mm/850mm spherical diameter
Speed 25/305/25mm sustained
600: 133/min, 800: 111/min
Pay load max 305:5Kg, 600:5.5Kg, 800:5.5Kg S650:5Kg, s860:5Kg
Manuals Cobra / eCobra Manuals
Complete Manuals
ePLC Quick Setup Guide: I600-E-01
Viper with eMB-60R Userís Guide: I599-E-05
Complete Manuals
Features • Built-in vision camera in every model
• TMvision and landmark simplify reference location
• Easy to use graphical programming system
• Integratable with mobile robots
Reach TM5: 700 or 900 mm
TM12: 1300 mm
TM14: 1100 mm
Speed TM5: 1.3 or 1.4 m/s
TM12: 1.3 m/s
TM14: 1.1 m/s
Payload TM5: 6 or 4 kg
TM12: 12 kg
TM14: 14 kg
Protection IP54, all models  
Manuals Complete Manuals  


Vibratory Feeder

Vibratory Feeder for bulk parts
Description Flexible feeder for use with pick and place and vision systems to bulk feed small parts
Interface RS232 or Digital IO
Size 240mm wide or 340mm wide
Manuals Anyfeeder User's Guide
Philips Customer Reference
AnyFeeder Integration Guide


Mobile Robots

Requires internet access
Features • In-built self naviagtion to plan routes and avoid collisions
• Long battery-life, up to 19 hours
• Cart transporter available, to increase payload
• Fleet management to supervise entire fleet of up to 100 vehicles
• Available as a bundle or starter kit, which includes software, etc
Payload 60, 90, 105, 130 or 250 kg
Speed 0.9, 1.35 or 1.8 m/s
Dimensions (L x W x H) 697 x 499 x 380 mm (excludes transport cart)
Manuals Complete Manuals
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