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Industrial Automation Software

Omron's software falls into two categories: i) Programming / configuration and ii) Application / interface. CX-Server provides a common communication platform, allowing mutliple applications simultaneous access to hardware over the same link. CX-One is Omron's revelutionary new software that incorporates all programming and configuration utilities into one package.

• Packaging Machine Control Solutions Catalog: Y219-E1-02

Programming / Configuration
Application / Interface Software
Supervisory Systems
Other Software

Programming / Configuration

Type FA Integrated Tool Package Complete Automation Software
Datasheets CX-One ver. 4 Sysmac Studio ver. 1
Supports CS/CJ, CV series and newer C-series PLCs
NS, NV and NT series HMIs
Simulates CS/CJ PLCs; integrated with NS HMIs
Ethernet/IP, EtherCat, DeviceNet, ProfiNet, Profibus, Serial networks and more
• Supports all CS/CJ SIOUs, including motion
• All VSDs and newer servo models
Temperature Controllers: E5_C, E5_N, E5_R, EJ1 series and others
• NJ and NX Machine Automation Controllers
• NA series and NS series HMIs
• Simulates NJ/NX without hardware; integrated with NA or NS HMIs
• NX series I/O modules, including safety
• Networks: Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, ProfiNet, ProfiBus, Protocol Macros
• Vision Systems: FH and FQ-M series
• ZW Displacement sensor
Features Integrates the following software packages:
CX-Programmer (including SwitchBox)
CX-Designer (with Faceplate Auto Builder)
CX-Simulator (PLC and/or HMI integrated simulation)
CX-Integrator (Network configurator)
• Network Configurator
• NX-IO Configurator
• CX-ConfiguratorFDT (Field Device Tool)
• CX-FLNet
• CX-Process Tool
• CX-Position
• CX-Motion, CX-Motion-NCF, CX-Motion-MCH
• CX-Drive (Configures VSDs and Servo systems)
CX-Thermo (Temperature Controllers)
• NV-Designer (NV series HMIs)
• CX-Server (with PLC Tools)
• One Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software, for all Sysmac products
• Comples with the latest industrial programming standards: IEC61131-3, PLCopen Motion and PLCopen Safety, SQL, SECS/GEM
• Full compliment of motion programming, including cam editing and data tracing
• FBD editor for safety related Function Blocks
• Intelligent Application Gadgets for HMI programming
• Fully integrated simulation, of both the controller (including logic, motion and safety), with the HMI
• Vision programming via drag and drop of processing items
Manuals Introduction Guides
Operation Manuals
Introduction Guides
Operation Manuals


Application / interface

Model CX-Compolet / SYSMAC Gateway CX-Lite / CX-OPC
Type PLC interfacing PLC interfacing
Function Provides .NET interface and ActiveX components for containers Provides ActiveX components / OPC server for OPC clients
Features • Integrates Excel, Visual Basic (or any other ActiveX container) with Omron PLCs and other hardware
• Can create simple supervisory system
• Complies fully with OPC-DA standard (V2)
• Integrates Excel, Visual Basic (or any other ActiveX container) with Omron PLCs and other hardware
Manuals CX-Compolet Installation Guide
CX-Compolet Technology Introduction Guide
SYSMAC Gateway Installation Guide
Complete Manuals


Supervisory Systems

Model NS-Runtime CX-Supervisor
Type Simplifed computer-based supervisor Monitoring and control system
Functions Runs NS HMI projects on a computer Performs monitoring and supervisory tasks of complete process
Features • High-level HMI with all supervisory features
• Uses CX-Designer as developer
• Provides common 'look and feel' across plant floor
• Fully featured with graphics, alarming, recipes, data logging, report generating and much more
• Connectivity to other applications via: ODBC, ADO, OPC, ActiveX, OLC, etc
• Powerful yet easy to use software
Manuals User's Manual Complete Manuals


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