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Advanced Sensors

OMRON's F-series vision sensors give you accuracy and functionality in a compact package and at a competitive price. The visual inspection solutions we offer include Gray Scale, Binary or Colour processing with many other features.

• Fiber Sensor Best Selection Catalog: E418-E1-07
• ZX Smart Sensors Group Brochure: E351-E1-02A
• MX-Z2000H series Fibre Laser Marker Promotional Brochure: Q251-E1-02
• MX-Z2000H series Fibre Laser Marker Set up Manual: Z376-E1-04
• MX-Z2000H series Fibre Laser Marker User's Manual: Z377-E1-04
• Displacement Sensor Technical (The Basics): Q257-E1-01

Model E3NC-S/E3NC-L E3NW
Type Laser / CMOS series sensors Sensor communication unit
Features E3NC-S
• Dynamic range of 500,000 times for stable detection without influence from changes in workpieces.
• The industryís smallest CMOS laser head* for installation into small spaces.
• Distance discrimination enables stable detection of level differences as small as 1.5 mm.
• Product variations with variable spot and pinpoint spot for stable detection of your workpieces
• Laser Class 1 for safe application
• White on black display characters for high visibility
• Smart Tuning for stable detection with easy setup
• Programless transmission of ON/OFF signals and detected quantities to host PLC (PDO communications)
• Reading and writing threshold values and function settings, teaching, and other operations are possible (SDO communications)
• Wire saving: simply connect the communications cable and power cable, and slide the Amplifier Units from the side
• Up to 30 Sensor Amplifier Units can be connected
• E3NW-ECT EtherCAT interface: User's Manual
• E3NW-CRT CompoNet interface: User's Manual
• E3NW-CCL CC-Link interface: User's Manual
Sensing Distance 30 to 100mm
35 to 250mm
70 ± 15mm
0 to 1200mm
Outputs / Network interfaces NPN, PNP EtherCAT, CompoNet and CC-Link
Power supply voltage 10 - 30 VDC 24 VDC
Current consumption 65 to 80mA max 80 to 100mA max
IP Rating IP65 - IP67 (Sensor head) -
Datasheets E3NC-S / E3NC-L E3NW
Model E3MC E2C/E2C-H and E2C-EDA
Type Full RGB colour sensor High-resolution digital proximity sensor
Features • RGB colour sensor discriminates minute differences in colour
• Optical fibre or integral amplifier options
• Single, four channel or analogue output
• Easy-to-see bar graph detection and threshold indicators
• Teach function is standard on all models
• Wide variety of sensor heads for various applications
• Flexible cables provided as a standard feature
• Mutual Interference Prevention
• Heat resistive sensors, capable of ranges up to 200°C
Sensing Distance Focal range: 60 ± 10mm (Integral)
Focal range: 20 ± 4mm (Fibre)
Focal range: 5mm (E32 fibre optic)
0.6mm - 2mm (see datasheet for sensor head)
Inputs / Outputs NPN, PNP or analogue NPN/PNP
Light source Red, Green and Blue LEDs -
Power supply voltage 12 to 24VDC +/- 10% 12 to 24 VDC ±10%, ripple (p-p): 10% max.
Current consumption 200mA max. (100mA max. for analogue models) -
IP Rating IP66 IEC60529 IP67 / IEC60529 IP67 (E2C-EM02H )
Manuals   Datasheet
Model E3C-LDA, E3C E4C-UDA
Type Long-range laser sensor Ultra sonic sensor
Datasheets E338-E1-06 E4C-UDA
Features • Photo resolution down to 0.25mm
• Separate amplifier with programmable digital display
• Multi-mode teach functions
• Range of diffuse and through beam heads available
• Optional calculation unit for automatic differential measurement between two sensors
• Side by side mounting of sensor with no interference.
• Compact with a broad selection including side-view heads.
• High stability not influenced by colour or material.
• One touch teaching on the E4C-UDA controller.
Sensing Distance 30 to 250/700/1000mm(Diffuse reflective)
700/1300/1700mm(Coaxial Retro-reflective)
400/700/900mm(Coaxial Retro-reflective )
50 to 300 mm
70 to 800 mm
90 to 1000 mm
Inputs / Outputs NPN, PNP open collector outputs NPN /PNP, Analogue Output
Power supply voltage 12-24VDC 24VDC
Current consumption 1080mW 80mA max
IP Rating Enclosure rating IP50 (regular reflective heads are IP40) IP65
Manuals   Instruction Manual
Model ZX-L, ZX-LT030 / ZX-L-N ZX-E
High-accuracy laser sensor
Inductive displacement Sensor
Features • Measurement resolution down to 0.25mm
• Separate amplifier with programmable digital display and configuration/monitoring software
• Multi-mode teach functions
• Range of diffuse and through beam heads available
• Optional calculation unit for automatic differential measurement between two sensors
• Inductive measurement resolution down to 1mm
• Separate amplifier with programmable digital display and monitoring/configuration software
• Averaging function for more stable readings
• Heads available in numerous shapes for various applications
• Heat-resistive heads handle temperatures up to 200°C
Sensing Distance (See data sheet) (See data sheet)
Inputs / Outputs NPN/PNP NPN/PNP
Power supply voltage 12 to 24VDC +/- 10% 12 to 24VDC +/- 10%
Current consumption 200mA max. (with sensor connected) 140mA max. (with sensor connected)
IP Rating IP50 (diffuse reflective); IP40(Regular reflective) All heads IP67 except ZX-EDR5T (IP65)
and ZX-EM02HT (IP60)
Manuals Datasheet: E325-E1-04
Operation: Z157-E1-02
User's Manual for "-N": Z197-E1-04
Datasheet: E331-E1
Operation: Z166-E1-05
High-accuracy contact displacement sensor
Static sensor and ionizers
Features • High accuracy
• No Need to Calculate or Reset the Origin
• Auto Scale Function
• Long Product Life
• Pressing Force Alarm
• Multiple Actuators
• pin-point to wide-area ionization
• Bar-type Ionizer uses the dual-mixing variable-DC method to enable stable, large volume ion supply
• Easy cleaning on various units.
Sensing Distance 1 mm
4 mm
10 mm
Inputs / Outputs NPN / PNP -
Resolution 0.1 μm / 0.4 μm -
Power supply voltage 24VDC -
Current consumption 140mA max -
IP Rating Sensor Head: IP50 / IP65 /IP40(amplifier) -
Manuals Datasheet: E345-E1-04
User's Manual: E346-E1-06
Brochure: E374-E1-04
Manual Bar type: Z235-E1-01
Manual for Sensor: Z237-E1-02
ZJ-BAS Instruction Sheet
Displacement laser sensor with built-in amplifier
High Accuracy displacement sensor with CMOS technology

Features • A resolution of 0.002 mm thatís suitable for simple measurements.
• Stable measurements for any type of workpiece.
• Models available with four different distance specifications.
• Long-distance model for up to 1,000 mm.
• Sensor head with CMOS technology with high dynamics sensing range for measuring black rubber, plastic
• Cycle time: 30 to 500 microsecond (changeable)
• Measurement resolution down to 1.5um
• Separate amplifier with programmable digital display
• Optional calculation unit for automatic differential measurement between two sensors
• compact size
Sensing Distance 40mm-1000mm 40-60mm or 65-135mm
Inputs / Outputs NPN / PNP, Analog Output (4-20mA) NPN/PNP, Analog: 4-20mA, 1-5V, +-5V
Power supply voltage 10-30VDC 10-30VDC
IP Rating IP67 IP67 on Sensor head
Manuals ZX1 Instruction Sheet
User's Manual: Z310-E1-09
ZG / ZG2
2D Profile Measuring Sensor
High-precision Laser Displacement Sensor
Datasheets ZG2 ZS

Features • A wide laser beam captures entire shapes with ease
• High speed and high precision Modes
• Teaching enables simple shape distinguishing and positioning
• A Compact, All-in-one Controller with LCD Monitor
• The Inspection Status Is Immediately Visible
• Connect and expand up to 9 controllers
• Connect Multi-calculation controller for advanced calculations like evenness or flatness
• Connect Data storage module for process-data logging
• Connect PC software for easy system set-up and signal monitoring
• Sensor head with 2D-CMOS technology with high dynamics sensing range for measuring black rubber, plastic, shiny, glass and mirror surfaces
• 1.5m sensing distance for ZS-H
Sensing Distance 20mm -210mm (depending on sensor head) 20mm-350mm (depending on sensor head)
Inputs / Outputs RS232, NPN / PNP, Analog Output RS232, NPN / PNP, Analog Output
Power supply voltage 24VDC 24VDC
IP Rating IP66 IP67
Manuals ZG User's Manual: Z250-E1-01
ZG2 User's Manual: Z288-E1-05
Data Storage Unit Manual: Z289-E1-02
ZS-L User's Manual: Z208-E1-04
ZS-MDC User's Manual: Z209-E1-03
ZS-DSU User's Manual: Z210-E1-03
ZS-HL User's Manual: Z236-E1-07
ZS Series CompoWay/F Reference Manual