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Operator Interfaces (HMIs)

Omron's operator interfaces enhance any application with bright, easy to read screens. Choose from compact character based function key terminals to fully graphical colour terminals with touch screens. All models provide optimal connection to Omron PLCs, including multiple screen configurations. Connection to other PLC brands is also possible.

• Packaging Machine Control Solutions Catalog: Y219-E1-02

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Touch Screens
Advanced Terminals
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Function Key

Micro display
Small display
Dimensions (mm) W 96 x H 48 x D 40/50 W 218 x H 113 x D 38
Features • Six function keys
• Real-Time-Clock (RTC)
• Power connection through communication cable
• Large characters and keypad
• Bar Graphs
• Printer port
• Password protect and menu screens
Display type Backlit LCD Backlit LCD
Display size (mm) W 56 x H 11 W 100 x H 40
Display resolution 2 lines x 16 characters 4 lines x 20 characters
Memory capacity 8Kb 32Kb
Max. No. of screens 65532 messages 250 screens
IP rating NEMA 4, IP65 NEMA 4, IP65
Manuals Operation Manuals Operation Manuals


Touch Screens

Compact operator interface
Compact operator interface
Dimensions (mm) NV3W: W 110 x H 72 x D 28
NV3W-V1: W 112 x H 74 x D 27
NV3Q: W 110 x H 92 x D 34
NV4W: W 146 x H 74 x D 30
NB3Q: W 130 x H 104 x D 59
NB5Q: W 184 x H 142 x D 46
NB7W: W 202 x H 148 x D 46
NB10W: W 269 x H 211 x D 54
Features • Pass-thru programming with PLCs
• Tri-colour backlight (Monochrome models only)
• 2 or 8 shades of grey (NV4W only)
• Vertical mounting (NV3W and NV4 only)
• Can be powered direct from PLC (NV3W-MR only)
• New improved NV3W-V1 model
• SD memory card (All models except NV3W)
• Ethernet option now available
• Four wide-screen sizes (QVGA or WVGA)
• TFT colour display with 65,536 colours
• USB stick interface now available
• Dual serial ports, plus USB host and client ports
• C language macros
• Multi-vendor drivers; 8 brands supported
Display type NV3Q-SW: STN Colour; all other units are STN Monochrome LCD TFT LCD Colour (all models)
Display size (mm) NV3W: 70 x 35 (3.1" diagonal)
NV3W-V1: 89 x 35 (3.8" diagonal)
NV3Q: 71 x 53 (3.6" diagonal)
NV4W: 109 x 41 (4.6" diagonal)
NB3Q: 71 x 53 (3.5" diagonal)
NB5Q: 113 x 85 (5.6" diagonal)
NB7W: 154 x 86 (7.0" diagonal)
NB10W: 221 x 133 (10.1" diagonal)
Display resolution NV3W: 128 x 64 pixels
NV3W-V1: 240 x 96 pixels
NV3Q: 320 x 240 pixels
NV4W: 320 x 120 pixels
NB3Q/NB5Q: 320 x 234 pixels
NB7W/NB10W: 800 x 480 pixels
Memory capacity NV3W: 384Kb
NV3W-V1: 2048Kb
NV3Q-MR: 2Mb; NV3Q-SW: 12Mb
NV4W: >2Mb
128Mb (all models)
Max. No. of screens NV3W: 160
NV3W-V1: 250
NV3Q: 240
NV4W: 200/250; NV3Q-SW: 180
32,768 (all models)
IP rating NV3W and NV3Q: NEMA 4, IP65
NV3W-V1 and NV4W: IP67
IP65 (all models)
Manuals Operation Manuals Operation Manuals


Advanced Terminals

Intelligent interface terminals
Sysmac Platform, Machine interface
Dimensions (mm) W405 x H304 x D76 (NS15); W323 x H241 x D49 (NS12/NS10); W232 x H177 x D49 (NS8);
W195 x H142 x D54 (NS5); W223 x H176 x D71 (NSH5)
W420 x H291 x D69 (NA15)
W340 x H244 x D69 (NA12)
W290 x H190 x D69 (NA9)
W236 x H165 x D69 (NA7)
Display type Colour TFT, with 256/32K colours for text/images Colour TFT, with 16 million colours
Display resolution
(W x H, in pixels)
1024 x 768 (NS15), 800 x 600 (NS12),
640 x 480 (NS10 and NS8) and 320 x 240 (NS5)
1280 x 800 (NA15 and NA12);
800 x 480 (NA9 and NA7)
Display size (mm) 304 x 228 (NS15); 246 x 184 (NS12); 215 x 162 (NS10); 163 x 122 (NS8) and 117 x 88 (NS5) 331 x 207 (NA15); 261 x 163 (NA12);
197 x 118 (NA9) and 152 x 91 (NA7)
Touch panel Matrix resistive membrane (supports multiple touches) Analog resistive membrane, with three capacitive function keys (usable with gloves)
Features • Advanced graphics capabilities, with large library
• Supports upto 16 languages, switchable online
• 4-channel video / Controller Link cards optional (NS10/12/15 only)
• Full range of PLC diagnostic tools, including ladder program monitoring, Programming Console
• "Gateway" inter-device transferring function
Optional CF memory card for data logging, etc
• NS5H: hand-held safety compliant HMI, with E-stop
• Multivendor drivers to most popular controllers, including Trajexia
• HMI for Sysmac Automation Platform
• Full integration into Sysmac Studio IDE
• Multimedia, including videos, pdf, MS-Excel & MS-Word
• Advanced security, to protect IP an prevent unauthorised access
• Dual Ethernet, USB (host and client) and serial ports
• Microsoft Visual Basic scripting language, for advanced programming functionality
Optional SD/SDHC memory card for data logging and screen maintenance, etc
Memory capacity 60Mb 256Mb
Max. No. of screens 4000 (Limited only by available memory)
IP rating NEMA 4, IP65 NEMA 4, IP65
Manuals Programming Manuals
Communications Manuals
Peripheral Manuals
NA HMI series manuals
NX/NJ Controllers
NX series modular I/O


Combined Controller/HMI

Integrated CJ1 series PLC and NS series HMI
Dimensions (mm) W 323 x H 241 x D 73 (NSJ12/NSJ10),
W 232 x H 177 x D 73 (NSJ8) and W 207 x H 142 x D 79 (NSJ5)
Features • Reduced space, all in-one unit
• HMI features identical to NS series, including Ethernet
• PLC controller integrated, with DeviceNet master and three RS232 ports
• Two series: G5D and M3D for high and low capacity I/O applications
• Three expansion interfaces available: Ethernet, Controller Link and Expansion I/O racks
• Programming through a single USB port, fully supported by CX-One
Display type 32K Colour TFT screens (All screens) and lower-cost NSJ5 option: 4K TFT
Display size (mm) 246 x 185 (NSJ12), 215 x 162 (NSJ10), 171 x 128 (NSJ8) and 117 x 88 (NSJ5)
Display resolution 800 x 600 pixels (NSJ12), 640 x 480 pixels (NSJ10/NSJ8) and 320 x 240 pixels (NSJ5)
Memory capacity 60Mb (NSJ12/NSJ10/NSJ8) and 20Mb (NSJ5)
Max. No. of screens 4000
IP rating NEMA 4, IP65
Manuals Controller Operation Manuals
Communication Units
Display Operation Manuals
Programming Software


Supervisory Systems

Simplifed, computer-based supervisor
Monitoring and control system
Functions Runs NS HMI projects on a computer Performs monitoring and supervisory tasks of complete process
Features • High-level HMI with all supervisory features
• Uses CX-Designer as developer, allowing NS projects to be reused
• Provides common 'look and feel' across plant floor
• Fully featured with graphics, alarming, recipes, data logging, report generating and much more
• Connectivity to other applications via: ODBC, ADO, OPC, ActiveX, OLC, etc
• Powerful yet easy to use software
Manuals User's Manual
NS series Information
Industrial Computers
General Information
Industrial Computers


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