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Safety Relays

By providing a wide range of products, OMRON is able to make machines safe. We have solutions for light barriers, safety muting, E-Stop circuits, door interlocking, two-hand-control and much more.

• Safety Component Selection Guide: Y228-E1-04
• Machinery Safety Standards and Application Guide: Y107-E1-04
Safety Relay Precautions

Safety Relays

Socket-mounted relay
Socket-mounted relay
Dimensions (mm) W 22.5 x H 37 x D 58 W 13 x H 24 x D 40
Features • Forcibly guided contacts Conforms to
• EN 50205 6 pole contact configuration
• Forcibly guided contacts Conforms to
• EN 50205 4 or 6 pole models
• New G9SA-P models have NPN configuration
• Socket available with LED operation indicator
Safety contact 4NO + 2NC or 3NO + 3NC 3NO+1NC, 2NO+2NC, 5NO+1NC, 4NO+2NC, 3NO + 3NC
Auxilliary contact Available Available
OFF delay contact - -
Rated load 3A at 250VAC 6A at 250VAC
Power Relays
Dimensions (mm) W45 x H84 x D 62mm
Features • One pole, 40 A can be carried and switched.
• The maximum load capacity of 160 A when using 4-pole parallel connections.
• All materials used are compliant with the RoHS Directive
Safety contact Mirror contact mechanism
Auxilliary contact Yes, DPST-NO/NC and SPST configurations
OFF delay contact -
Rated load 40A x 4 contacts
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