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OMRON's industrial networking philosophy is based on a three-level hierarchial system of: Information, Control, Device and Component level networking. Using a common communications protocol, full routing capabilities are maintained. Omron also promote low-cost propriety networking solutions.

• W4S1 Series Industrial Switching Hubs Promotional Brochure: V227-E1-03
• XS5/XS6 Industrial Ethernet Cables/Connectors Datasheet: G019-E1-10
• CS/CJ/CP Series FINS Communications Reference Manual: W342-E1-17
• Free Multi Protocol Communication Utility for Omron: Multiway
NJ-series Network Connection Guides  
CJ-series Network Connection Guides  

Device Level
Component Level
Special Purpose Networks
Other Networks
Network Devices


Ethernet (ETN)
Description Office/industrial information gathering network Global open standard, Industrial Ethernet network
Features • Very widely implemented, including Internet
• Supports many protocols: FINS/UDP, FINS/TCP, FTP, SMTP, POP, SNTP and HTTP
• Supports Modbus/TCP via Function Blocks:
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• Connects PCs, PLCs, HMIs & remote devices
• Supports high-speed data links between PLCs
• Uses CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) and open tag database
• Supports FINS, FTP, SNTP & SNMP protocols
Max. distance 100M (between hub/switch & node) 100M (between hub/switch & node)
Max. baud rate 10/100Mb (auto-detecting) 10/100Mb
Max. nodes 254 256
Manuals Operation Manuals Operation Manuals
CIP Safety Controllers
Description Industrial Ethernet network, with redundancy New, specifcally designed for Industrial applications
Features • Industrial protocol, utilising Profibus technology
• Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) provides dual connectors on slaves
• ldeal for marine applications
• Built on successful FDT/DTM architecture
• Open-vendor, uses standard Ethernet cables
• Ultra high-speed; ideal for motion control
• Using bus/tree topology, eliminates switches/hubs
• New CJ/NJ Slave nodes and branching units
• Choice of NX Modular I/O or GX Block style I/O
Max. distance 100M (between stations/hub) 100M (between stations)
Max. baud rate 100Mb (fixed) 100Mb (fixed)
Max. nodes 126 512
Manuals Operation Manuals Operation Manuals
Description Popular, open-standard industrial Ethernet solution  
Feature • Open standard, widely adopted industrial network
• Simple client/server architecture
• Uses standard Ethernet; no special chipsets or hardware, economical
Max. distance 100m (switch to node)  
Max. baud rate 10Mb, 100Mb  
Max. nodes Limited by IP addresses (theoretical)  
Manuals Operation Manuals
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Device Level

Description Open vendor, high functionality network Open vendor, high functionality network
Features • Wide range of slave devices available, from over 300 vendors
• Uses non-destructive arbitration system
• Supports messaging service
• Wireless links supported via Omron's WD30
• Several implementations (FMS, DP and PA)
• CS/CJ masters support new FDT/DTM technology
• Widely accepted, particularly in Europe
Max. distance 500M (without extenders) 4800M
Max. baud rate 500Kb (Selectable) 12Mb (Selectable)
Max. slaves 63 125
Manuals Operation Manuals
Safety Controllers, with DeviceNet
Operation Manuals


Component Level

Description Network dedicated to Sensors Ultra high-speed, updating 1000 points <1mS
Features • Point-to-point field connections
• Uses standard 3-wire, unshielded cabling
• Supports both cyclic and message communications
• Can collect vast amounts of information from sensors
• Backwardly compatible with non IO-Link sensors
• Rapidly gaining world-wide acceptance
NEW IoT Pressure and Flow Sensors
• Open network, controlled by the ODVA
• Uses CIP (Common Industrial Protocol)
• Choice of cable
Max. distance 20m per connection (using general purpose unshielded cable) 1500M (with two repeaters)
Max baud rate COM2 (38.4K baud) or COM3 (230.4K baud) 4Mb (selectable)
Max slaves GX, up to 8 connections; NX up to 4 connections 384 (2560 points)
Manuals Operation Manuals Operation Manuals
Description Low-cost, high speed network Simple I/O; Open network
Features • Supports wide range of Omron slaves
• Miniaturised foot print
• Two-wire cabling
• Open vendor network
Max. distance 500M 100M
Max baud rate 750Kb (selectable) 166Kb
Max slaves 32 31
Manuals Operation Manuals CQM1-ARM21 Operation Manual
Description Simple, very low-cost 1:1 network Multi-purpose, RS232/RS422/RS485 Connections
Features • Direct connection to PLC module or low-cost terminals • Variety of different modes: Host Link, NT Link, PLC Serial Link, Modbus, Protocol Macro, etc
• Available direct from CPU or via SCU/SCB
• Get Modbus Function Blocks
Max. distance 500M 500M (wired only)
Max. baud rate - (3mS min I/O delay) 115.2Kb
Max. slaves 1 32
Manuals Operation Manuals Host Link (Sysmac Way) Manuals
Protocol Macro


Special Purpose Networks

Description Token-passing, control-level industrial network High-speed, dedicated to servo systems
Features • Reliable, deterministic architecture
• Supports both peer-to-peer and computer messaging communications
• Available in twisted-pair wire or fibre optic transmission media
• Open-standard, supported by Mechatrolink Members Associaton
• Supports control and configuration
• Considerable saving in wiring over pulse-trains
• Integrated setup via CX-One software suite
Max. distance 1 KM (wire), 20/30 KM (fibre optic) 50m (USB type cable)
Max. baud rate 0.5, 1 or 2Mb (selectable) 10Mb
Max. nodes 62 30 (MCH cards)
Manuals Operation Manuals Operation Manuals


Other networks

CAN Units
Remote I/O (Sysmac Bus)
PC Link
Sysmac Link (SLK)
Sysmac Net Link (SNT)
Sysmac Bus/ 2


Network Devices

Adapters / Converters
Wireless Products
Open Network Controller
Computer Interface Boards



Special Purpose Cables
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