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Frequency Inverters (VSDs)

OMRON's series of motion control product line offers you a combination of advanced speed control and customised functionality, without compromising on panel space or your budget. All in all, it comes in a small yet powerful package.

• Packaging Machine Control Solutions Catalog: Y219-E1-02
• JX / MX2 -V1 / RX -V1 Series Brochure: I917-E1-02
CX-Drive (WS02-DRVC1) Operation Manual  

X Series
RX2 Series
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X Series

Integrated Safety
High Functionality
Features • Current vector control; ideal for machine control
• With safety input (IS0 13849-1:2006)
• Simple positioning functionality
• USB connection for configuration
IP54 Units available
• Vector control with pulse generator
• Built-in EMC filter
• Absolute valve positioning
• High power, up to 132kW (Heavy duty)
Capacity (kW) 0.1 to 15 kW 0.4 to 132 kW
Supply voltage 200 to 240V AC, 1 phase/3 phase or
380 to 480V AC, 3 phase
380 to 480V AC, 3 phase
Output frequency range 0.1 to 580 Hz 0 to 400 Hz
Control modes V/f and sensorless vector control V/f, sensorless vector and closed-loop vector control
Safety input rating STO: ISO 13849-1 Cat.3/PLd
IEC 60204-1 Stop Category 0
Communications Modbus RTU, EtherCat, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus and CompoNet Modbus RTU, EtherCat, DeviceNet, Profibus and CompoNet
I/O 7 + 2 multi-function I/O
1 + 1 Analogue I/O; 1 + 1 Pulse I/O
9 + 5 multi-function I/O
2 + 2 Analogue I/O; PWM and relay outputs
Manuals User's Manual
Communications Boards / Units
Connection Guides
Other Manuals
Replacement Guide From 3G3JX to 3G3MX2
Quick Start Guide
User's Manual
RX Communications Boards / Units
Connection Guides
Other Manuals


The new 3G3RX2 Series

Features • Triple rating: Normal, Low or Very Low Duty
• Supports induction, Synchronous and Permanent magnet motor types
• PID control, with energy svaing mode
• Inbuilt EMC filter
• Colour LCD operator panel, allows parameters to be copied between drives
• Backup power supply for control circuit
• STO Safety input, rated to Cat 4/PLe
• DriveProgramming for stand-alone control
Capacity (kW) 0.75 to 132 (Normal Duty); 160 (Low Duty)  
Supply voltage 380 to 500V AC, 3 phase  
Output frequency range 0.00 to 590.00 Hz  
Control modes V/f, automatic boost, sensorless vector (cascade model or 0 Hz) and vector control with sensor  
Safety input rating STO: ISO 13849-1 Cat.4/PLe
IEC 60204-1 Stop Category 0
Communications Modbus RTU  
I/O 11/5 multi-function digital I/O; 3/2 Analogue I/O; Thermistor input, 2 Pulse Input channels  
Option boards Pulse input board, AC/DC reactors, Noise filters, Radio noise filters, Braking resistors, Regenerative units  
Manuals User's Manual
3G3RX to 3G3RX2 Replacement Guide
DriveProgram User's Manual
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