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Safety Monitoring Relays

By providing a wide range of products, OMRON is able to make machines safe. We have solutions for light barriers, safety muting, E-Stop circuits, door interlocking, two-hand-control and much more.

• Safety Component Selection Guide: Y228-E1-01
• Machinery Safety Standards and Application Guide: Y107-E1-04

Safety Monitoring Relays and Controllers
Safety Monitoring Units

Safety Monitoring Relays and Controllers

Slim body
Dimensions (mm) W 45 x H 76 x D 111 G9SE-201 - W: 17.5mm H: 124mm D: 109 /
G9SE-401 - W: 22.5mm H: 124mm D: 109
Features • Single or dual channel
• Conforms to EN 60204 and EN 954-1
• Up to 5 safety outputs
• Expansion output units available
• Two-hand controller available
• Simple wiring using screw-less terminals
• Easy Trouble Shooting with Status Indication
• Manual / Auto Reset
• Single or dual channel safety inputs
• Emergency Stop, Gate Switches, Light Curtain, Area Scanner connection
Safety contact DPST-NO or 3PST-NO DPST-NO / 4PST-NO
Auxilliary contact SPST-NC 1 x 100 mA DC max PNP Transistor
OFF delay contact DPST-NO 5.0 s / 30.0 s
Rated load 5A at 250VAC 5A at 250VAC; 5A at 30V DC


Safety Monitoring Units

Flexible Safety Unit
Safety Guard Switching Unit
Dimensions (mm) W 23/36 x H 100 x D 115 W 45 x H 100 x D 115
Features • Safety category 4
• Create logical AND Safety circuits
• TÜV certification for compliance with IEC/EN61508 (SIL3) and EN954-1 (Cat. 4)
• Available in screw or spring terminals
• Designed for hazardous guarding applications
• Expander available
• Compliance with IEC/EN61508 (SIL3) and EN954-1 (Cat. 4)
• Available in screw or spring terminals
Safety contacts 2, 3 or 4 instantaneous 2 instantaneous
Auxilliary contacts 1 or 2 6
Off-delay contacts 2 or 4 2
Rated load 1A or 3A (expansion unit) 0.8A or 3A (expansion unit)
Low Speed Monitoring Unit
Standstill Monitoring Unit
Dimensions (mm) W 45 x H 100 x D 115 W 35 x H 100 x D 115
Features • Detects speed by two proximity sensors
• Adjustable speed detection threshold, to 10Hz
• Semiconductor outputs; screw or clamp terminals
• Compliant to Cat 3, PLd, and SIL 3
• Sensorless monitoring for motors with long inertia
• Standard and user configurations
• LED indication for easy diagnosis
• Compliant to Cat 4, PLe and SIL 3
Safety contacts 3 2 (instantaneous) + 2 (slow speed)
Auxilliary contacts 2 4
Off-delay contacts - -
Rated load 0.3A, 0.1A 0.8A, 0.3A, 0.1A
Datasheets J172-E1-02 J171-E1-01
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