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Rotary Encoders

A comprehensive range of both incremental and absolute rotary encoders are available for positioning and counting applications. OMRON also produce cam positioning devices.

E6H Hollow-shaft Incremental Encoder Datasheet  
E6D High Resolution Incremental Encoder Datasheet  
E6J 20mm Ultra-compact Incremental Encoder Datasheet  
3F88L-160/-162 Cam Positioner Datasheet  
Rotary Encoder Technical Guide  
Rotary Encoder Accessories  

Incremental Type
Absolute Type
Cam Positioners
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Incremental Type

General purpose
Dimensions (mm) Dia. 40 x L 39 Dia. 50 x L 40
Features • Suits general purpose applications
• Easy-to-adjust zero index (phase Z)
• Shock resistance strengthen with metal disk (600 P/R max) patent
• Compact design
• Small encoder with robust design
• Drip-proof, oil-proof construction
• Ideal for industrial applications
• Excellent shock and vibration resistance (E6C2-C_H: 200P/R max. patent)
Resolution 10 to 2,000 pulses/revolution 10 to 2,000 pulses/revolution
Output phases A, B and Z A, B and Z
Max. frequency response 100 kHz 100 kHz
Supply voltage 5 to 12 VDC or 5 to 24 VDC 5 to 12 VDC, 12 to 24 VDC or 5 to 24 VDC
Degree of protection IP50 IP64
Strong and robust
Dimensions (mm) Dia. 25 x L 29 Dia. 60 x L 60
Features • Models with zero index function ideal for positioning applications
• Ensures maximum measurement precision
• Shock resistance strengthened by metal disk (600 P/R max.) patent
• The strongest shaft of any OMRON Incremental Encoder (120 N in the radial direction and 50 N in the thrust direction)
• Water- and oil-proof structure for a greater degree of protection against water, oil, and other substances
• Complementary outputs for long-distance cable extension
Resolution 10, 60, 100, 200, 300, 360 or 500 pulses/revolution 100, 200, 360, 500, 600 or 1000 pulses/revolution
Output phases A; A,B; A,B and Z A, B and Z
Max. frequency response 20/30 kHz 83 kHz
Supply voltage 5 to 12 VDC, 12 to 24 VDC 12 to 24 VDC
Degree of protection IP50 IP65


Absolute Type

Heavy duty
Gray code output
Dimensions (mm) Dia. 50 x L 38 Dia. 50 x L 50
Features • Suitable for connection with H8PS cam positioner
• Robust construction
• Gray code binary output for direct connection to H8PS cam positioner
• Light-weight plastic housing
• 8-bit resolution
Resolution 256, 360, 720, 1024 pulses/revolution 256 pulses/revolution
Output phases Gray code binary Gray code binary
Max. frequency response 20 kHz 5 kHz
Supply voltage 12 to 24 VDC 5 to 12 VDC, 12 to 24 VDC
Degree of protection IP64 IP50
BCD output
Dimensions (mm) Dia. 60 x L 60 Dia. 50 x L 38
Features • Direct connection to high speed counter and postion control PLC modules
• Shock resistance strengthen by metal disk patent
• High-resolution models (1024 pulses/revolution)
• Drip-proof oil-proof construction
• 8-mm-dia stainless steel shaft withstands a shaft loading of 80 N and 50 N respectively in the radial and thrust directions
• Combining Absolute Rotary Encoders with a Programmable Controller or Cam Positioner allows ideal angle control
Resolution 256, 360, 720, 1024 pulses/revolution 100 to 3600 pulses/revolution
Output phases BCD or Gray code binary A, B and Z
Max. frequency response 10 kHz 125 kHz
Supply voltage 5 to 12 VDC 5 to 12 VDC, 12 to 24 VDC
Degree of protection IP52 IP65


Cam Positioners

High performance
Features • Easy replacement of mechanical cam switches
• Easy setting with simple function key
• Up to 16-cam control possible using parallel input adapter and two H8PS units
• Bright LCD backlight display
Encoder types E6CP-AG5C-C, E6F-AG5C-C, E6C3-AG5C-C, etc
Manuals Datasheet
Operation: Z199-E1-02
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