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Emergency Stop Switches

By providing a wide range of products, OMRON is able to make machines safe. We have solutions for light barriers, safety muting, E-Stop circuits, door interlocking, two-hand-control and much more.

• Safety Component Selection Guide: Y228-E1-01
• Machinery Safety Standards and Application Guide: Y107-E1-04
• Sti Workplace Safety - Omron's Approach: Z908-E1-01
• LED Signal Towers Datasheet: F09E-EN-01
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E-Stop Switches
Rope Pull Switches
Enabling Switches
Selector Key Switches

E-Stop Switches

Emergency Stop Switches
Features • Illuminated or non-illuminated
• Push-lock / Twist-release
• Push-lock / Key-release
Contact configuration SPST-NO + SPST-NC / DPST-NO + DPST-NC / DPST-NC
Switching capacity 10A at 110VAC
IP rating IP65
Accessories Control Box, full or half shrouds, spacers


Rope Pull Switches

Model ER1022 / ER1032 / ER5018 / ER6022
Rope Pull Emergency Stop Switch
Dimensions (mm) W 223 x H 110 x D 92
Features • Long Rope spans up to 200m
• Heavy duty housing
• Tension indicator
• Integral E-stop
Contact configuration 4 N/C + 2 N/O
Switching capacity 3A at 240V AC (inductive)
Connection Gland
Switch body Diecast Aluminum or Stainless steel
IP rating IP67


Enabling Switches

Standard Switch
Grip Switch
Features • Total of two or four contacts
• Optional rubber seal
• Choose of vertical or horizontal mounting bracket
• Two contacts standard for all models
• Options for E-stop or momenary operation switch
• Equipped with conduit connector
Contact configurations 4 contact type: 2NO + 1NC + 1NC
2 contact type: 2NO
2NO + 1NC or
2NO + 2NC + 2NO
Switching capacity 2.5A @ 30VDC resistive load 2.5A @ 30VDC resistive load
IP rating IP65 (rubber seal type only) IP66 / IP65
Accessories - Rubber cover, mounting bracket, holding key


Selector Key Switches

Safety Key Selector Switch
Guard Lock Safety Key Selector Switch
Features • Prevents equipment activation during maintenance
• 30 types of exclusive keys available
• Key has same shape as D4JL Guard Lock and lockout key of the D4GL-SK10-LK Slide Key Unit
• Units can be combined to improve safety (Specify the same key type)
• Guard lock prevents accidental mode changes
• Secures equiment during maintenance
• Key has same shape as A22TK, trap key of D4JL and lockout key of D4SL/D4GL slide units
Contact configuration SPST-NC, SPST-NO/SPST-NC, DPST-NC, DPST-NC + SPST-NO, DPST-NO + SPST-NC, TPST-NC 1NC/1NO+1NC/NO; with or without key
Switching capacity 10A Rated Carry Current 10A @ 240V (TÜV Certified)
IP rating IP65 IP65

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